"I have arthritis in my hands, sciatica, bursitis in my hip, sinus pressure and jaw pain for quite a few years now. My doctors wanted me to take medicine to deal with the pain and I did not want to go that route. I heard great things about acupuncture and found Alaina! She has used needles, massaging and cupping to treat my problem areas. It has helped to relieve and minimize my pain. I can now pick up my granddaughter and do other activities I was not able to do. Her office is friendly, courteous and very helpful. I’m so happy I am able to treat my pain the natural way!"

"I have shoulder impingement. My experience with Alaina has been wonderful. I decided to seek acupuncture therapy after an orthopedist determined that the only way to fix the impingement was through surgery. I refused to accept this. I’m so glad I opted for acupuncture because it has made all the difference. Alaina’s techniques, including cupping, have healed my impingement and given me back the mobility to lead a normal life. Not to mention her office staff is excellent. Alaina’s patience, knowledge and technique have definitely made all the difference. I highly recommend Acupuncture to Serenity!"

"My 4 year old son has chronic stomach issues due to food allergies. We saw Alaina 3 times and within this time, his diarrhea has lessened. Alaina is so gentle with A.C., he loves to get his acupuncture."

"My depression kept getting worse and worse during my pregnancy and I was afraid. Alaina called it “the happy point” and needled a point in my ear. I felt like a deflated balloon. Calmness set in and I left feeling confident again."

"I saw Alaina for sinus pressure that I just couldn’t take anymore. I tried everything; OTC medications, sinus rinses and even dietary changes. NOTHING was working. I felt instant relief during my first acupuncture treatment. Alaina not only used needles to help, but also added essential oils to the treatment on certain acupuncture points. I have been seeing Alaina for 3 years now, and I haven’t felt better!"